The Magic of Christmas

Christmas decorations have moved on a bit from the good old days haven’t they?
When I look at old family photos of my gran and grandad, they were all crowded around a tiny glass of sherry and the piano, wearing their paper hats and having a rip roaring time.
Maybe in the back ground there would be a real tree and that was it. No garlands hung from the ceiling, fairy lights were not even invented and Christmas stockings were not fashionable then.
Moving on 50 years, we had discovered the wonders of paper chains
I can still remember that dreadful taste on my tongue after licking dozens of the sticky tabs to make them. Then came the era of the fake tinsel trees that resembled an emaciated burnt out twig from the film Apocalypse Now…. and we would bring that same twig out year after year!  Then things improved 😂 and we discovered foil decorations, hideous but actually quite amazing garlands that probably would ignite in seconds should a spark fly up from the fire. Luckily we had all boarded up our old fireplaces to install a fake log electric fire as the wonders of central heating had arrived.
Since those days of Tinseltown garishness, we have all become more sophisticated.

Unusual Christmas Trees

We can choose a beautiful colour scheme and buy every accessory known to mankind to make our home a festive delight. This cat lovers Christmas tree selection completely freaked me out…
When you go into the big stores and shopping centres, the decorations can take your breath away. How times have changed.
But in our home, do you know what I love most of all?
The handmade decorations made by my daughter over the years are top of the list.
They are not perfect by any means, but they represent her growth, when she could barely hold a crayon and draw a paper snowflake, the cut out cards, to the more difficult felt  decoration.  Both mine and her pride when she sewed her first felt elf was something I hope I don’t forget. These Special memories come out each year.
This photo of MyGeckoBox son Rudy says it all. Love love love it.
Kids Tree Decorations
Are you a designer or a real tree family?
Whichever you are, make sure you don’t loose sight of the magic of Christmas, and hang something imperfect, but beautiful on the branches…
Take a look at our Christmas shop if you want some inspiration, scroll down on our homepage to see them all, the kids will love them.

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