The One That Got Away

Happy New Year from myself and the team at MyGeckoBox, we hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break.

It’s been a month since I last blogged, as MyGeckoBox was swept along on a tide of Christmas fairs and frantic production, there was not a moment spare to think, let alone write my chaotic thoughts in December!

After all that work, the team took Christmas off to recharge batteries and now it’s the New Year we are back, ready to inspire the kids with fresh ideas and crafts.

So why do i feel that someone pulled the rug out from under my feet?

It’s a weird feeling in my house today, after all the festivities over the last 3 weeks, I should be jumping for joy as school started again and a semblance of normality and routine can return.  Calm has descended upon the house.  But the final day of our holiday break went by too quickly and I am not ready to be a grown up again!

I thought I was ready, and happily all the Christmas decorations are now down… except for the last tiny bit of tinsel that I noticed whilst cobweb spotting from the sofa last night… why does that always happen?

Dork BooksThe presents have been tidied away, and the book shelf is filled with new books that have been enthusiastically started on by my daughter.  The Dork Diary collection is proving to be a real hit.  Not quite Roald Dahl or Enid Blighton classics, but reading matter all the same.
I keep pushing the David Walliams book in Spanish to the top of the pile, and hopefully it will be started one day soon.  I know it is crazy to worry, but after an entirely English Christmas, I have started my usual end of holiday panicking that her Spanish vocabulary will have disappeared.

My New Year’s resolutions:

Number 1:   Try not to be a helicopter parent. To have faith in her choices, whilst retaining some form of control over her independence!  Is that at all possible???

Number 2:  Try drinking a glass of water every time something bad for me passes my lips…more water and less wine is the aim.

Number 3:  Find a hair style that looks fabulous, bang on trend even first thing in the morning, instead of a ski slope or birds nest.  Plus all the more important life decisions that I know I need to get on top of…#overwhelmed already 😂

The Amazon Echo has made a big impression this Christmas in our house.  Sadly, Alexa cannot actually do the shopping and cooking, but she can give me a few inspirational recipes.  I wonder if she can be my personal trainer?  With a new regime planned, I just need someone to make sure I stay on track.  How many of us will be realising in another 3 months time that we have the will power of a puppy with a bowl of ice-cream!

So this week will be a tough one for many of us, and after tackling the first homework negotiation of the year, I know that glass of wine will be calling me later…does that sound familiar?  Hopefully the homework will be something simple and fun to ease the school term back on track, and I can gently warm up my negotiating skills ready for the big bang!

If you can remember back in September, I dedicated a blog to going back to school after the summer holidays.  I suggested a Time Capsule, dedicated to our kids goals and aspirations for the coming school year… of course in my daughters list, a few suggestions of mine were also included!  Anyway, due to the earth being as hard as rock at the end of our very hot Spanish summer, we were unable to bury it in the ground, so we laid it in amongst our fairy garden in a secluded corner.  So we had a quick peek at it to remind my daughter of the pledges she made. Still some work to be done there, but it was exciting to finally bury the capsule properly afterwards thanks to all the rain we had in December. We are hoping that in June when we get to dig it up that all the goals will have been achieved. It is not too late to start a new time capsule for 2017, it’s a good way to focus on what they want to do and is fun for kids no matter what age.

So today’s blog is to be dedicated to new beginnings and fulfilling dreams.
Look out for MyGeckoBox in 2017 we are coming back this year with a host of new ideas.

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