The Pool is Beckoning

the pool is beckoningSo here I am, another gorgeous Sunday, and the pool is beckoning, albeit in a slightly chilly way!

Why do kids never feel the cold water like us adults do? Mia and her friends have been larking around in the pool all week, whereas the mums have been firmly attached to dry land, me included, we have watched from the side. That is when we haven’t been frantically having meetings to get ready for the MyGeckoBox website launch on the 1st July… We even have a stopwatch clicking off the minutes to keep us focused. This is slightly unnerving I have to say. The fun bit this week has been researching the cool info and product testing the next box lined up for September, so my dining room has resembled a factory.

MyGeckoBox mum Suzy, bless her was helping out on the tombola stand at the English International College summer fair yesterday. Giving out our MyGeckoBox promotional leaflets with the 20% discount code. Networking is fun!

English International CollegeDaddydaycare went out to forage for food last night as I have been neglecting him. He has taken to baking his own gluten free bread and cooking more meals now. He even tackled the ironing mountain … What a hero! Actually, he was on a stag night with a large group of friends, and he is suffering this morning. Totally in contrast to our lovely spa day last week with Jo the bride to be, who I am very surprised with as she hasn’t taken us up on our offer to give her the biodegradable wedding dress we designed!

In the meantime, I have put a lovely big piece of pork in the oven to slow roast in the hope of enticing him downstairs and to show him that I can still cook!

With the end of term looming, the kids are facing a couple of intense weeks of tests, which is always a nightmare in this house as revision and Mia and I do not get on. I find myself swinging between trying to be gently encouraging and supportive, to stand offs where all privileges and fun are being withdrawn unless…! I have read so many child /parent psychology tips and know when we get to this point, I have blown it, all advice has gone out of the window… Sigh. Did you know that the Beluga whale pods appoint one whale, called a Mermistress, who eats the young whales if they do not behave! It’s true…. google it!So back to my #Positive parenting book by Sharon Silver… She needs to move in with us for a month!

So my week’s plan is to be productive, tolerant and helpful. Watch this space….

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