The Queen’s Birthday

Themed Parties Costa Del SolSo, the queen has had her official birthday celebrations. God bless her. 90 years old. Doesn’t she look good? but I wonder what it was like behind the scenes in Buck house?

I can only relate it to the last few days with my mum, where we have been having a few days together alone, just mother and daughter quality time.  So after squeezing in  a  very brief visit to the UK to see my lovely mum, I have brought her back with me. What she doesn’t realise is that I will be giving her a pile of boxes to fill with all the goodies we have stacked up!

She has been absolutely brilliant at getting involved with all our madcap themed birthday parties in the past, from making the tartan sashes and bunting this year for our Highland games to previous years of princesses and pirates…. Considering she was 87 this year, i am very very lucky to have her I know.  don’t get me wrong, my mum is very fit for her advanced years… She still gets out in the garden and digs her veg patch over. After a gardening session, Mum will lay on the floor, to stretch her back out.  Yesterday the pair of us were on the floor doing some yoga exercises as I was giving her moral support!  That got me wondering….

I wonder if the queen and Prince Charles do anything like this….

So back to The Queen’s Birthday… She has now had her 2nd birthday party this year, and it one lasted 3 days! No wonder she looked poker faced at some of the celebrations, although the horse whisperer with his entourage of beauties made her smile.  But even so, a 3-day birthday party is a bit much for anyone to cope with, whether they are making the sandwiches and cake or not!

At MyGeckoBox, we think we have the answer to making a children’s birthday party memorable though. Or even as wedding favours for kids…our mini kits are ideal for this occasion.   These boxes are designed to keep young kids entertained and occupied during the longest wedding speeches, and are ideal to take home instead of a plastic cone filled with sugary sweets and gimmicky toys.
Themed Birthday PartiesAfter some intense weeks of MyGeckoBox madness, we have seriously upped the ante in our meetings to red alert as we are counting down the days until our go live day. ….14 days to go!

Our Mini party favour boxes are looking brilliant, the shop is getting stocked up finally, after weeks of design, product development and testing, and we can’t wait to send out our first  month’s subscription  box as it is so cool.

We had a fantastic response to our leaflets at the English International college summer fair. So to all of those people who picked up our Promotional Leaflet and registered their interest on our launch page, thank you. Be a little bit more patient and hang onto your 20% discount voucher. It won’t be much longer…

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  1. I love these gecko boxes, mini kits for birthday parties sound fantastic, a really top quality item for all the children to make and go home with, am sure the parents would be impressed! Xx

    1. Thanks Rachel, we love to hear from satisfied customers and your comments are very much appreciated. I am sure that even the Queens great grandchildren would have loved to received a party favour from MyGeckoBox at her 90th birthday party. We will make sure a couple are in the post next year. Thanks again for your kind comments and support. Yvonne

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