Themed Birthday Parties

Themed Birthday Parties



Dedicated Mums are best MyGeckoBoxWe had a great weekend, as the MyGeckoBox families were out socialising. Just doing the usual things, kind of… Our kids were invited to a birthday party with an Alice in wonderland theme, complete with the mad hatter as the entertainer. Except I swear every day is like that in my house… With me being the mad hatter and the white rabbit!  However, the hostess with the mostess did really look and play the part, unlike her husband (I won’t name and shame him!)  who whipped off his hat and bowtie the minute no one was looking. She remained in character the entire time, despite that gorgeous sunshine beating down.  Dedicated mums are the best!

I hear that this costume may be brought in for the staff uniform in their lovely restaurant El Brujo! As you can see, they are really child friendly… You can find them on Facebook?

Themed Parties

The entertainer was brilliant. She kept the kids busy with party games and balloons for hours?. If anyone would like that contact, I can recommend her. She works in the Malaga area, and is very versatile…the last party I saw her at was a Jedi training camp…

Lovely day had by all the kids, thank you Billy and Not to be mentioned husband!!!!

So that got us thinking, we all love the kids to have a bit of unstructured fun, but when you have 15/20 of the little angels full of beans and having fun, it can get a bit noisy and chaotic. And if you are unlucky enough to have a birthday party fall in the winter, and you are restricted by space, what can you do to entertain them? Children’s entertainers can be an absolute godsend, although sometimes pricey.

But suppose you could get a party pack that would give the little angels a good half hour -to an hour of constructive and calming fun, and they end up making and taking home their own party favour or gift? It’s a win win!

So MyGeckoBox are busy working on this idea and they will be available in our online shop soon. Keep up to date with our progress and of any promotional offers by visiting our landing page while our website is being built.

Themed parties are brilliant fun, and create long lasting memories. That’s what we want to help you give your children, and hopefully the finished product will be there on the shelf for a long time to come too!

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