Who’s ready for the summer holidays?

Who’s ready for the summer holidays, with a lovely long stretch of lazy days and no stress?

Ok, now for the reality check time… 6-12 weeks of kids saying “can I go on the Xbox, watch tv, have my friends sleepover and worst of all I’m bored!

Of course our stock reply is always something along the lines of….read a book, draw a picture, play with some of those toys you got at Christmas or tidy your room first!  All of which are inevitably followed by you stopping what you are doing and sitting down with them to encourage some of these mindful activities!

A few of our gecko mums have posted photos of their own kids efforts of getting creative..some independently, some with an encouraging gecko hand !




What are your favourite summer activities , or do you need a few ideas yourself?


Here are 5 simple projects to try over the next few months, that will pull the plug on the electronics and stop that cry of “I’m bored”


1)  Decorating  pebbles...whether you visit the beach or go for a walk , those lovely smooth white peoples are crying out for a kid with some paints or felt tip pens to let their imagination go.


2) Paint an old wooden tray and paint some flowers or butterflies , or even use some wrapping paper and create a collage , finish off with a coat of pva glue or varnish and tadah


3) Chalk and salt rubbed together make a fabulous texture and dimension to a picture, especially a beach scene…add some shells and other treasure too


4) Paint some pretty shells with nail varnish or glitter , then with a dab of silicone glue, attach a ribbon or chain to make a beautiful necklace or fob for the schoolbag.


5) Microwavable salt dough recipe …they can make sea creatures, jewellery  or funny faces , anything your kids want to from this stuff…just mix flour water and salt and get modelling .



We all have creative kids, they just sometimes need pointing in the right direction, and the end results mean happy kids and happy mums and happy summer holidays.

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